Shot on 35mm film by Kaelin Probeck

Shot on 35mm film by Kaelin Probeck

Freelance Filmmaker with a passion of telling unique stories who is ready for the next exciting project to collaborate on. With the right pre-production, camera angles, editing, your story will become a vision, and that is my specialty.  

I grew up in Conifer, CO, about an hour west of Denver, in the mountains. Nature is a large part of my life and that comes from growing up with an abundance of nature that is constantly inspiring my work.

I’ve been lucky enough to AC (assistant camera) for some amazing large production companies in LA, and also work independently for even more brands. I’ve also very thankful for everyone that has supported me while I produced, directed and shot a feature documentary.

Exploring the worlds cultures, great works of art, and the vast unknown is another great passion I have, filmmaking is a perfect complement.

I love getting people to work together to create a stunning work of art.